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These youngsters hatched 6.6. and 8.6. 2015. Both are male, with DNA certificate, closed rings and of course a CITES B registration. Until they were 7 weeks young, they were feeded by their parrents. Then i took them away to handfeed them, so they are tame and used to peopple. Both are looking for a new home.

The price is 500,-€

Both of them found their new home in a private breeding station in Czech republic by an experienced breeder.

This is Sophia - SOLD

She is the first parrot that hatched in my aviary 2014. From the beginnig she was wery temperamentfull and dominant. She never needed hand feeding, the parents took care of her wery responsible. Thats why she is not tame, but able to have youngsters.
She has a DNA certificate, a closed ring and a CITES B registration.

Sophia is for sale for 650€.

Sophia found her new home near the city Rimavska Sobota and is a new member of a private breeding station.

This is Suzie - SOLD

She hatched end november 2014 in my incubator and was hand feeded since the fist day. Since she hatched she was active and temperamentfull. She learns easily and has an opened nature. As you can see, she is used to kids, likes to play and is bigger than female cockatoos use to be.
She has a DNA certificate, a closed ring and a CITES B registration.

Suzie is for sale for 550€.

Suzie found her new home near the city Liptovsky Mikulas in a private zoo, where the visitors may touch the animals and play with them. I recommend you to visit her :-)!
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